DIY Bathing


Help is always available, feel free to ask.

  • First sign in, pick a wash package or take advantage of any one of our special offers for a one time wash

  • Your dog then takes one quick step into the our low profile non skid tubs. 

  • We will place the leed (used for securing the dog in the tub), securely over the dog’s head and tighten the loop to a comfortable fit for the dog and attach to the loop inside the tub, If an extension is needed, we will take of this for you.

  • It is now safe to remove the dog’s collar and leash.

  • Don’t forget the Apron!

  • Use the rubber brush provided to remove any excess undercoat hair or request an undercoat rake for more effective de-shedding.

  • Now it’s time for the water – the temperature is pre-set, to prevent scalding the dog…Please test it anyway.

  • When wetting the dog, please keep the nozzle set to “shower"

  • A mild and effective, hypo “aloe”gentic shampoo is provided. If your dog has a particular skin issue, you’re welcomed to bring your own product. For your convenience, the shampoo/conditioner bottles are squirt type, so you can reach ALL the parts that need washing. If he/she is especially dirty, use as much shampoo as you need.  

  • Now that your dog is wet, start lathering up, by messaging the shampoo to several different areas of the dog’s body, a little at a time. Try not to place all of the soap on it’s back, and spread it around… it never reaches the important parts that way.

  • With the nozzle set to “center,” begin rinsing the dog from the head down”. If “jet” is needed, please take care not to point it anywhere near your dog’s face.

  • Once the shampoo is rinsed, towel-dry as much as possible with the Micro-fiber towel provided. These towels work best if wrung out a few times, as needed, while drying the dog…They absorb lots.

  • Now its time to take care of the ears and eyes (optional). We supply wipes to clean the exterior of  both the ears and eyes.

  • For your dog’s comfort and safety we also provide a “Happy Hoodie” to prevent blowing the high velocity dryer into your dog’s ears, and to help keep them calm by muffling the sound, during drying. Place the “Happy Hoodie” over the dog’s snout to cover its ears. It is micro fiber, so it will absorb a lot of water around the ears. For help with this, feel free to call for the attendant.

  • At this point it is time to use the dryer. Don’t worry, some dogs are not fond of the dryer and we will help with the process if you need. The dryer isvariable speed - forced air. Introduce the dyer to the dog’s body on the lowest setting, slowly working the speed up to the dog’s comfort level. It will be scary for the dog, turned to full power, and if they aren’t used to it, even dangerous. The dryer is a forced-air, low temp dryer that is safe for your dog. DO NOT POINT DRYER DIRECTLY ON YOUR DOG'S SPINE OR THE BACK OF THE LEGS!


Washing tips


Before coming in, brush your dog to remove loose fur, mats and tangles. We have great scrub brushes to help with that but it’s a good idea to get the tough spots out before hand. 


We supply aprons for you, but you’ll still get a little wet. Wear appropriate clothes (short sleeved shirt, comfortable shoes, etc.)


Exercise your dog before coming in.  A nice long walk or good game of fetch will release some energy and make the bathing easier. ”Potty time” before washing helps prevent accidents later.


We do allow 45 minutes for wash time, which should be plenty of time to brush, wash, towel off and dry your dog.  Some dogs will not always be completely dry when done, depending on their size and coat (under coat.)


Last wash at Give the Dog a Bath is one hour before closing time.  



We provide all the professional quality products, equipment and tools for you to use during the Self-Serve dog wash, including Nature's Specialties shampoo and conditioner, Oster undercoat rakes, Happy Hoodies, Kong Scrub Brushes, K-9 Fluffer Dryers and double sided, thirsty micro-fiber towels to speed the drying process.  We do not supply scissors, hair or nail clippers.

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