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284 Boston Post Road, Milford CT, 06460  Conveniently located off exit 36 of I-95, next door to Colony Paint.

p: 203.693.2327 • e:givethedogabath@optonline.net

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The idea of wrestling a dog into the bath tub and expecting him/her to quietly tolerate being lathered and rinsed makes dog owners laugh hysterically, and some just plain dread the wet dog fur mess left behind, and the lingering wet dog odor days after.  


Dog owners, you now have a better choice to wash your dog. Bring your pups to Give the Dog a Bath, SELF SERVICE DOG WASH, a place designed specifically for them, to conveniently and comfortably Give the Dog a Bath, without the wet dog mess and back ache of doing it at home.  Wash the dog in comfort, while pampering them at the same time. Our unlimited wash plans make it an affordable way to effectively care for your dog's coat, while pampering them. 

A community of dog owners come together to a place that makes dog bathing a clean, fun, family experience.


Our tubs are designed for the comfort of both owners and dogs. When an owner enjoys the experience, their dog will too.   We offer semi-private bath stalls, with great big, immaculate, walk around tubs, complete with non-skid surfaces.  No slippery tile or tub at home to contend with. 

First, we will suit up the happy dog owners with water proof aprons. Next, we will provide them with all the supplies and tools, from high quaility, hypo allergenic, environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner... to the high velocity dryers, designed to quickly and effectively Give the Dog a Bath, and safely blow away shedding fur and undercoats. Dogs who may get anxious when they hear the sound of the dryer can rest easy, when our Happy Hoodie is placed over their ears by their owners to calm them and help protect their sensitive ears as well.  Thirsty micro fiber towels help speed up the drying time. We also provide upon request, a special tool to help de-shed those breeds with undercoats and regular brushes for short hair breeds


The best part... we clean up the mess when they’re done.  No more wet dog to chase around the house or roll around on the clean carpeting.  No clogged shower or kitchen sink drains or wet dog smell to contend with.



Come join us, have some bath time fun with your dirty dog at Give the Dog a Bath.